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March 05, 2010


Boom Trucks

I'll bet those kids had a great time. Ever think of using cranes or something made from something the kids make to do destruction? I love the construction destruction concept. Very cool. I think it will teach kids across the USA a lot.

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One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience. Do you think so?

Nike Shox Oz

Your blog is so wonderful. How lucky to see what you have written. Hope you continue to work hard. I wish you have a good health.


WOW. Excellent post. What a fascinating school you have there. Really learned a lot from your blog here. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy

I'm very glad you liked that post. I'm so sorry for not answering this comment sooner. I've been extremely busy coming up with other projects that are bigger and better. See my latest post on the SolidWorks Teacher's Web Site. You might enjoy that one. Take care.

Corporal Willy

I am glad you liked this post. What I am always trying to do is to come up with something interesting that will teach some simple engineering concepts. Cardboard, paper and even pasta can be used to create structures with. I've just posted some more on the Teacher's web site and this one is much, muuch bigger. You might enjoy it. Take care.

Corporal Willy

They did indeed have a great time. I just posted tonight my Girl's Summer Camp Event coming up on June 16th and it has a Crane Boom that is 8 feet 2 1/2 inches long. That one will be compression tested by the young ladies. Enjoy it. Take care.

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