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June 25, 2007


Devon T. Sowell

Hello Mark-

Thanks for posting your comments. I would like to mention one point, however; the one about your son's video card performance playing games:

They're just Games, I use SolidWorks to provide a service, a service that must show productivity to my Clients. Changes to the software that do not improve productivity are of no value to me nor my Clients. So far, I see no data supporting any productivity gains from the Vista Operating System, in fact I consider the lack of Open GL video card support to be a regression of significant importance.

Devon T. Sowell

Mark Biasotti


Good article, and yes it is okay to post this info on graphics cards since we want users to see this list and it was published and posted even before Beta started.
A few of our development people and myself are responsible for publishing that list and we will certainly be updating it with more cards that meet the requirements of 2008. There are three points I want to make; One, the new capabilities of RealView 2008 can easily be switched on and off and should be viewed as "value added". For users that do not want these new features, and from the sounds of it on forums there are a group of customers that do not want them, they don't have to have them and can simply turn off the RealView icon and they will not suffer any performance over 2007 regardless of whether they have a certified 2008 card or not. Also bare in mind, that the new graphics and UI of 2008 are only a small part of enhancements that we've put into 2008 (in case the argument of wanting something that we did not ask for comes up) Two, like auto companies in the 40's, in the past couple years, the graphics card market has consolidated to only 2 major players, NVIDIA and ATI. So this will, in many ways, make it easier for us and the SW customer to help choose the right card because there will not be a ton of cards to try to determine the right features from. Three, we are not the only industry that is affected by the software/hardware dependency. Take for instance, my 15 year old son, who plays video games. I can only go about 3 months until he comes to me complaining that his latest game is running slow, graphically, or not supporting visualization features due to the fact that the 4 month old “state-of-the-art” graphics card is not longer STA.
Once Shader model 2.0 is supported by the majority of cards coming from ATI and NVIDIA, regardless of price range, this whole issue of 2008 graphics will become mute; and I would guess that to be within 8 to 10 months max.


Mark Biasotti
SolidWorks Corporation

Devon Sowell

Hi Mike-

Great post. In my opinion, all this "eye candy" is a waste of computer resources and does not really increase productivity. I, for one, will not be caught up in caring about this issue enough to spend $2,500.00 on a new laptop just for "eye candy".

Devon T. Sowell


Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.

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